Radhaswamy Satsang Centres

Apart from the main Ashram in Kengeri, there are several Centres spread over Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. These Centres are bound by the following principles laid out by Param Sant Sadguru Baba Somanathji Maharaj.

    The Centres are for the benefit of the devotees of the Sawan Durbar Ashram (SDA), to congregate, hear satsangs and for meditation.

    Celebrations conducted at these centres are in line with those conducted in the main Ashram at Kengeri.

    Every satsangi is required to maintain an environment of silence, serenity and purity at these Centres.

    No other social activities such as lectures, public meetings, discussions, marriages or any other religious programmes are permitted at the Centres.

    Every Centre usually celebrates one Bhandara annually and the Guru-in-Peeta on such occasion delivers satsangs.

    These Centres shall not be used as a personal residence by anyone.

These Centres are built out of voluntary contributions by the disciples. Contributions accepted from disciples are used solely for the maintenance of the centres and are accepted to inculcate the spirit of generosity, love, and sacrifice and to feel oneness with the Ashram.



Alur Centre:                           Somanath Prem Mandir, Swami Nagar, Alur, Kurnool Dist 518395, A.P.

Belgaum Centre:                     Sadguru Somanath Satsang Mandir, Near Jyothi Tower, M-Vadgaon, Belgaum

Cholur Centre:                        Somanath Chaitanya Mandir, Basaveshwara Colony, Chellekere Taluk, Chitradurg Dist, Chowlur 577538

Davangere Centre:                  Soham Prakash Mandir, No. 71, Door No. 1049, 5th Ward, near RCC Tank,  MCC A-Block, Davangere 570004.

Dhareshwar Centre:                Nad Prakash Mandir, Site No. 8, Survey 112/2, Dhareshwar, Kumta Taluk, NK Dist. 581442

Echaladdi Centre:                   Radhaswamy Satsang, Echaladdi, Madaksira Taluk, Ananthpur Dist, A.P 515301

Enumuldoddi Centre:             Somanath Atmaikya Mandir, Enumaladoddi Post, Kundurpi Mandal, Ananthapur Dist., A.P.

Godasalapalli Centre:              Surat Shabd Yoga Mandir, Godasalapalli, D. Hirehal Mandal, Raidurg Taluk, Anantapur Dist 515871

Gondavale Centre:                  Atma Prakash Mandir, Gondavale, Khurd Post, Man Taluk, Satara Dist 415508

Guntakal Centre:                    Radhaswamy Satsang Mandir, 16/112 Tilak Nagar, Guntakal 515801

Hubli Centre:                         Radhaswamy Satsang, Hubli

Koralagundi Centre:               Somanath Prem Nama Mandir, Koralagundi, Bellary District

Muddireddipalli Centre:         Baba Somanathji Satsang Mandir, Via Hindupuram, Anantapur Dist, Muddireddipalli

Mumbai Centre:                     Baba Somanathji Radhaswamy Satsang,  Kakad Chambers, 132 Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli, Mumbai

Naliganahalli Centre:              Premnathji Satsang Mandir, Naliganahalli, Pavagada Taluk, Tumkur Dist, 561202

Nazre Centre :                       Baba Somanathji Radhaswamy Satsang, 4-1/6, Nazre, Bhor Taluk, Pune Dist. 412206

Ramsagar Centre :                   Somanath Dhyana Mandir, Ramsagar, Hospet Taluk, Bellary Dist. 583132

Rekulakunta  Centre:              Radhaswami Ashram, Rekulakunta, Rayadurg Mandal, Anantapur Dist, A.P.

Sirsi  Centre:                          Satnam Mandir, Rayarapete, NK Dist., Sirsi 581401

Sravanagere Centre:                Somanathji Dhyana Mandir, Sravanagere, Dharmapura Hobali, Hiriyur Taluk, Chitradurg Dist. 577546

Sulikunte  Centre:                  Somanathji Smarak Mandir, Sulikunte, Bangarapet Taluk, Kolar Dist 561103

Y.N. Hosakote Centre:            Somanathji Satsang Mandir, Y.N. Hoskote, Pavagada Taluk, Tumkur Dist 572141

Yarabalya Centre:                   Premswarup Mandir, Gundlahalli Post, Yerabalya, Pavagad Taluk, Tumkur Dist. 561202