The goal of the Ashram is to create and provide an environment that is conducive for the spiritual pursuit of the seekers of Truth, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, race, gender or age to achieve Self-realisation and “God-realization”, through the three-fold means of ‘Seva’ (voluntary service), ‘Satsang’ (spiritual discourse) and ‘Abhyas’ (meditation as instructed by the Guru).

This philosophy is also called ‘Surat Shabd Yoga’ or the ‘Science of the Soul’. In essence, it is the technique of merging of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul – i.e., uniting the individual soul (atma) with the supreme soul (Paramatma) through the Divine Sound Current (‘Shabd’) that is ever reverberating within us. This is the ultimate path of God realization, leading to salvation or liberation of our soul.

The Ashram provides every opportunity to Seekers to participate in satsangs, do selfless seva and practice Surat Shabd Yoga, as taught by the Guru.

This Ashram is an institution of public nature, open to all seekers of Truth and is meant for the promotion of the tenets and teachings of the Radhaswamy faith, popularly known as Santmat (path of saints) through Surat Shabd Yoga (Nadanusandhana Yoga). The main objectives of the Ashram are:

   To initiate persons into the path of Sat-Nam (Surat Shabd Yoga)

   To provide guidance, help and amenities required by the seekers who believe in the teachings and tenets of the Radhaswamy faith.

   To disseminate spiritual knowledge

   To establish and maintain satsang centres.


The Ashram is maintained and administered under the guidance of the Guru-in-Peeta.